Vicarious Learning


Common experience is rich in its potential for vicarious learning. The Issues of Life was a very special radio call-in broadcast. I have posted a few of 12,000 calls into my radio counseling broadcast. The subjects of each broadcast were as varied as the callers. You will find no villains or cardboard characters in these calls, only real life people challenged by real issues of life. My hope is each call will assist you in confirming what you believe or encourage the development of new insights into your present attitudes and feelings.

These confessions are as dramatic and courageous as they are true. The power of vicarious learning provides a rich opportunity to improve one’s life through the experiences of others. Listen carefully to the questions being posed, they are metaphorical crumbs you may want to follow if you too get lost on your path through the woods.

John Jolliffe

Use Your Words (7:32)


Amelia (7:33)


Pam (10:00)


Joyce (4:24)


Lair! Lair! Pants on Fire! (3:54)


Laura (10:05)


Kathy (3:16)


Podcast 1 (58:33)


Podcast 2 (1:01:14)


Podcast 3 (54:28)


Podcast 4 (57:52)