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The Perils of Liberty

You live almost twice as long on Earth than the typical person did at the beginning of the twentieth century. You have an unlimited food supply at affordable prices, never the slightest worry about shortages, unlimited variety, so much to eat that overindulgence now plagues, not just the well-off, but the poor; the poor being […]


In last month’s article, I reconfirmed there were no better minds than yours; and that it is not safe to assume otherwise in light of fall-out in confidence surrounding the loss of Malyasian Flight 370. In today’s article I want to set the record straight about some of the misunderstanding surrounding who can you trust. […]

Malaysian Air 370 Confirms Helen Keller’s Axiom

In the shadow of the mysterious events surrounding Malaysian Flight 370, we would do well to remember the discomforting truth in what Helen Keller discovered and wrote: { The idea of } “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding […]

Broken Engagement

Last month, a New York court decided a case, Marshall v. Cassano, providing further legal precedence on less emotional grounds the legal characterization of an engagement ring, and the appropriate rules governing its ownership. John Marshall gave another woman, Delores Cassano, an $8,000 engagement ring.  Delores, in turn, promised to marry John.  John eventually broke […]

Don’t Believe Everything They Told You!

1500 years ago people told us the earth was the center of the universe.  A little over 500 years ago people told us the earth was flat.  Somebody, maybe you, came up with the idea that food was a friend, a reward, or a comfort.  Many of us still believe ice cream tastes good.  Ignorance […]

The Importance of Language

Anyone who is a fan of repartee and delicious dialogue is going to love HER, playing in theaters everywhere.  The movie explores our most basic human need to connect in order to belong.  HER explores the question of “How do you share your life with another?” Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his operating […]

New Year Resolutions and the Strategies to Make Them Possible

It’s that time of year when people begin preparing their New Year’s Resolutions.  New Year’s Resolutions are essentially renunciations of old habits you have been trying to break unsuccessfully for at least the last twelve-months.  Before I provide you proven strategies to promote your success, I want to review some background on the dynamics of […]

The Five Commandments For Promoting Rapid Progress

There are no ten commandments for success in life.  Wouldn’t we prefer a few steps to follow than a process to understand?  In an attempt to simplify an otherwise complicated process, this thing known as personal growth, I have reduced my observations from over 35 years of private practice as a personal therapist down to […]