Therapeutic Philosophy


There are no ten commandments for therapeutic success.  However, in an attempt to simplify an otherwise complicated process, I have reduced my observations from over 31 years of private practice down to 5 prominent principles that have brought success to my clients.

Five Personal Growth Principles Likely to Promote Rapid Progress

  1. Have a clear objective.  The more specific your objective the easier it is to monitor your progress.
  2. Maintain a realistic expectation of the progress you desire.  Eschew magic or grandiose thinking and you will insure personal growth and therapeutic success you can value.
  3. Be honest.  Before you can succeed in personal growth you must first concede.  Remember, you are often an accomplice to the wrong doing against you.
  4. Don’t wait for inspiration or motivation to start doing what you know you must.  Inspiration and the motivation to continue is a reward or by product gained from doing what is right.  Stop looking for motivation to stimulate or motivate you into action.  Progress begets progress.
  5. Recognize the companion of your increased awareness is discomfort.  The way out is the way through not around.  It’s called growing pains for this reason.  Discomfort is a signal that you are doing something that is unfamiliar not wrong.  Learn to recognize growing pains for what they are.

Personal growth is a potentially powerful and delicate exercise worthy of your best efforts.