Welcome to the pilgrimage known more popularly as Therapy, a wandering, digressing sort of journey that loops, spins, backtracks and often contradicts itself.  Therapy is a potentially powerful and delicate exercise, which is, although chancy and difficult, worthy of our best efforts.  Psychotherapy is a noble profession and its practioners, although ordinary mortals, do have moments of genuine transcendence during which they are able to promote the healing and wholeness of others.  As one who attempts to assist those who seek his assistance, I acknowledge that not all best-intentioned efforts succeed.

Objective:  My fundamental objective is to provide you a therapeutic forum where heartfelt deliberations, soul searching, and “thanks I needed that” kind of accountability can unfold.

This website contains links, suggested readings, and learning opportunities to enhance the overall mission of my work.

Mission:  To help people through education to understand and better care for themselves and ultimately those they love.